ALL Careers: A Contest For Our Next Generation

Today’s youth are growing up with the threat of multiple crises constantly hanging over their heads. From the time they are very young, they are inundated with messages about climate change, animal extinctions, social injustices, and more. If not channeled into positive action, the collective weight of these messages can be paralyzing and disempowering.

As high school students begin to seriously think about their career path, it is important to recognize that everyone’s capacities and passions are different. Those drawn to environmental sciences, might have a clearer sense of how their career path can align with their concern about the environment. But for students whose passion lies elsewhere – healthcare, biotech, info tech, the arts, agriculture, landscaping, fashion, cooking, etc. – the predominant message is that they must make a choice – either follow their passion OR pursue one of a narrow set of “green jobs”. This is not only false and disempowering, it deprives the world of their collective creative energy at a time when global collective action is desperately needed.

The central message of the ALL Careers initiative is that sustainability is NOT something that can be relegated to a narrow set of “green jobs”. In fact, it is not only possible, but indeed essential, that a mindset of sustainability and re-generation inform all careers. Demonstrating that it is realistic to pursue a career that puts food on the table, shelter overhead and provides for our families while ALSO making a positive impact in the world can be a potent antidote to despair and disempowerment. And mobilizing the next generation is critical if we are to avert the potentially catastrophic consequences looming from civilization’s current trajectory. This is the context and motivation for the ALL Careers Contest.

young peopleThe ALL Careers Contest is specifically focused on energizing five categories of entrants:


  1. High-School Students (individuals, small teams or clubs) with passion for a career that is NOT a traditional environmental science career AND a deep desire to make a difference in the world. Students who are drawn to the idea of being empowered to take (and be recognized for) self-directed action.
  2. Teachers who are willing to think outside of the conventional education box to find ways to inspire and empower their students to make a difference in world sustainability, regardless of career path.
  3. Guidance Counselors looking for quick yet meaningful options to offer students looking for career options that fosters sustainability but outside the traditional category of green jobs
  4. Schools (Principals or Principal-designated group) who see value in bringing recognition to their school for being a sustainability leader that empowers their students to become self-reliant contributors to sustainability regardless of career choice.
  5. Environmental Educators (individuals and organizations such as museums, nature centers, etc) looking to find ways to inspire students who display passion for environmental activism, but whose strengths and interests don’t fit well with traditional Environment Science curriculum and to tie environmental science curricula to real-world projects.

ALL Careers Contest At-a-Glance


The goal of the ALL Careers Contest is to empower and inspire young people to discover ways to align their heartfelt desire to make a positive difference in the world with ANY career choice they may be considering.


The contest offers cash prizes and public recognition to entrants who submit completed projects that make tangible differences in sustainability regardless of career path. Project ideas can span a broad range of possibilities: explicitly linking environmental principles to a specific career, broadening the idea of sustainability across all careers as a theme of education in a class or school, and many more (see examples here – – get creative!).

Feel free to contact Martin Ogle to discuss potential project ideas:


Prizes will be awarded to entrants in the following categories:

  1. BVSD High school students (individuals, small teams or clubs), 
  2. BVSD High school teachers/ guidance counselors
  3. BVSD High Schools 
  4. Environmental educators (individuals and organizations such as museums, nature centers, etc) in Boulder County, CO.


Contest is open to students, teachers, guidance counselors and entire schools in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) and also environmental educators from Boulder County.


Contest Intent Form Due:
February 1, 2023

Final Entries Due:
March 23, 2023

Recognition Event:


Submit your Contest Intent Form anytime between now and February 1, 2023.



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