Planet Circles

Photo by Monika Chace. Learn more about Monika and see all contributors to Planet Project here.

About Planet Circles

Shifting culture starts with a personal awakening, an inner shift in consciousness. But shifting culture at global scale requires that we mobilize and coordinate group action. Planet Circles are self-organizing groups of people who are aligned to the vision, values and principles of the Planet Project and cohere around some shared goals.

Planet Circles can either be local (i.e., situated geographically close enough to permit face-to-face interactions) or virtual (i.e., that meet online).

Local Circles

The Planet Project relies heavily on digital technologies that require people to be on their screens, something many of us already spend too much time doing. Local Planet Circles are a refreshing return to face-to-face interaction to foster real (rather than virtual) community and grassroots action.

Anyone can start a Local Planet Circle. Just contact some other people who are interested in the Planet Project, who share the vision, and decide when and where to meet regularly. Make it social, make it fun, and choose some kind of real action or project that advances the Planet Project. Some possible examples might include: a regular trash cleanup of some public space, tree planting events, addressing homelessness in some small way in your community, holding social events that bring together diverse people, and Saturday night youth events. The possibilities are endless.

Virtual Circles

Virtual Circles typically form around some shared interest and are not tied to a particular geographic area.

Online Community

Support for both local and virtual circles is now on the Planet Community. This includes the ability to register your Circle, invite other members to join your circle, find and join Circles registered by others, and share your Circle experiences in writing, video, or other media. What worked, what fell short? We’ll provide the space, and your Circle will become part of a searchable community that allows all of us to find, support, and inspire each other.

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