Summer Internship

Planet Project Summer Internship

Planet Project is a non-profit educational outreach organization focused on shifting other’s perspectives for the benefit of environmental stewardship and social justice for the world.

This unpaid internship is limited to high school students only, for we believe that it is the youth perspective that is greatly needed in finding the solutions to today’s environmental and social concerns.

Throughout the Planet Project Internship, high school students will:

  • Gain valuable and highly sought after experience dealing with environmental/social concerns and supporting the fight against climate change and social inequity
  • Meet people across various leadership, education, political, social and environmental fields
  • Improve skills in communication, innovation, and environmental/social justice studies
  • Experience a collaborative job-like atmosphere
  • Learn the many different perspectives involved of taking actions towards environmental stewardship and social justice (the “why?” behind actions)

Student interns at Planet Project are expected to:

  • Work with the Planet Project community
  • Help to spread awareness about environmental/social justice concerns
  • Innovate solutions to current problems through offering a new youth perspective

Internships are designed to coincide with the summer break, approximately beginning in early June and ending in mid August. This time period is very flexible and can be changed according to our interns needs.

Interns are expected to attend meetings on Mondays from 3:00-5:30pm and complete asynchronous work at home for the rest of the week, with a possibility of meeting other Planet Project team members/attending small social circles throughout the summer.

After you have had a chance to familiarize yourself with the Planet Project, the Planet Project team will work with you to define a specialized project which applies your gifts and interests to pressing project needs. Our goal is for you to have a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

There are two specific project options:

  1. Self-serving: creating an environmental stewardship/social justice project specific to you and carrying it out with the help of Planet Project.
  2. Planet Project Beneficial (PPB): creating a project that can help Planet Project gain visibility from youth audiences.

Almost any meeting can be made virtual if our interns are unable to meet in person.

The deadline to apply is March 3rd. Accepted interns will be notified of their internship during the month of April via email.

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