The Planet Vision,
Values & Principles


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The World We Want: The Planet Vision

  • A civilization that empowers all people to thrive and contribute (social justice).

  • A culture of sacred regard for all life and the Planet (environmental stewardship).

Our use of the word “civilization” refers to all the social systems and infrastructures humans have created, including the economic, political, legal, and educational systems.

We are saying that we want these systems to not only meet the basic needs of all people, but to allow everyone to reach their highest potential for happiness and creativity while contributing to the wellbeing of other people.

We use the word “sacred” to mean of greatest value, of highest importance, with reverence and respect, but not referring to any religion, or God, or other deity. We leave that to you. This meaning is captured by the traditional worldview of most Indigenous people who have lived close to Nature for thousands of years.

This two-part vision for the future is not merely abstract or esoteric. It can drive policy and decision-making. It is aspirational, and it can guide and inspire all our choices and actions. This is the world we want for future generations.

Values and Principles

The Planet Project and the Planet Movement are values-driven.

All our decisions and actions, and all aspects of the Planet Project and Movement, must align with these Values and Principles.

Core Values

  1. We value and seek truth, and we strive to be honest in all we do.
  2. We value science as a process for discovering truth.
  3. We strive to generate wellbeing and minimize harm in all we do.
  4. All people must have their basic needs met.
  5. All people must be empowered to reach their highest potential.
  6. We value personal freedom for everyone, so each of us can discover our unique creative gifts and share them with the world.
  7. We have sacred regard for all life and the Planetary system.
  8. We seek to grow compassion in the world.
  9. We believe in the power of love.
  10. We value self-organizing social change based in openness and humility.
  11. We don’t have all the answers.
  12. All our decisions and actions must be aligned with our core values.

Guiding Principles

  1. All people, all life, and all our planetary systems are interconnected and interdependent.
  2. Our many problems today cannot be solved from the same mindset that created them, to paraphrase Einstein. A new mindset, a new worldview, a new consciousness is needed.
  3. Human consciousness is evolving, and it is the evolution of consciousness that brings the possibility of a better future for humanity and all life on the planet.
  4. Evolution is emergent and self-organizing; therefore our efforts must support this natural process.
  5. Cooperation and partnership promote innovation and evolution.
  6. Humans are social animals who thrive in genuine communities of connection, support, and collaboration.
  7. Creating and spreading positive culture is the most effective means for social change, and for supporting the evolution of consciousness.
  8. Digital and internet technologies are the most powerful tools available today for spreading positive culture.
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