The Strategy


The Three Legs of Our Strategy for Change

Planet Project Strategy

Change the culture. 
Curate, create, and broadcast positive culture that supports the Planetary worldview.

Grow a movement for social change by creating a large, connected, global community that takes unified actions to catalyze positive change in our systems, institutions, and social structures.

Amplify the Good. Connect and amplify the excellent work already being done by individuals and organizations.

Change the Culture, Change the World

The first postulate of our theory of change is that the many problems we face today are symptoms of the underlying objectified worldview and culture of domination that has been with us for thousands of years, since the advent of civilization itself. Systems scientist Riane Eisler calls this the dominator culture. The pervasive disregard for nature and for other people that we see today arises from the belief that the world around us consists of separate, inert objects that we can manipulate and exploit for personal gain. Theory of ChangeYet quantum physicists, ecologists, and most Indigenous people recognize the interdependence and connectedness of all things. When we understand the world in this way, it changes everything we do. The change we need – on a large scale – is the shift from a worldview of separateness to one of connectedness, from a culture of domination and exploitation to one of cooperation and partnership – a Planetary Culture. If we can change the culture, we will change the world.

The Planet Project will serve as a broadcast beacon and a venue for expressions of expressions of positive culture that help the shift to a Planetary Culture. The POSITIVE CULTURE section of this website contains curated content that aligns with and supports the values of the Planet Project, so that we can grow a Planetary culture.

Please submit your additions to this data through our community.

Grow a Movement: The Power of Unification

Another cornerstone in our theory of change is the power of people who are unified. Positive social change seems nearly impossible when we’re up against huge corporations, entrenched systems, and big money. But there is greater force for change if large numbers of people unify around a shared vision and take coordinated action together. “Divide and Conquer” has worked for 5,000 years, but now with the internet it’s possible to “Unify and Change the World”. By ourselves or entrenched in small groups, we are ineffective, but an unstoppable force for social change is possible if we join together in large numbers and take conscious, unified actions. Actions like boycotts of harmful products or services, or reducing our personal use of throwaway plastics, or eating less meat, or voting. If enough people do these things, real change will happen. We welcome your ideas for CAMPAIGNS that support the Planetary vision, propose them through our community or by contacting us.

The Planet Project is a unification of people and organizations to create the largest social movement in history – the Planet movement – and have real power to change the systems and practices that now hold so many people back and damage the environment. When a person or organization joins the Planet Community, we become connected and can take powerful actions together, actions that will change the world, as we co-create and participate in the emerging planetary culture.

Connect and Amplify the Good

There is already phenomenal work being done throughout the world by non-profits and other NGOs, work that advances the core vision of social justice and environmental stewardship. There are also incredible individuals, like Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall, who are global voices for this vision. The Planet Project aims to promote, connect, and amplify the good work already being done, rather than competing or reinventing wheels. The CHANGE AGENTS section of this website is where we promote and celebrate the aligned organizations and people around the world who are advancing the Planet vision. Please submit your additions to this data through our community.

Main photo: “Low Point Lighthouse” by Dennis Jarvis is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

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